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im adiba like adidas but with a b
how can ppl be this idiot abt hyosung doing the ice bucket challenge with a white shirt and her bra showing? min did it 2 and nobody talked abt her non-existent breasts though that transparent shirt, sooyoung did it and everybody praised her for doing it and hyosung did basically the same i??? wtf ppl, shindong is right there for y'all to hate, leave the poor girl alone // asked Anonymous

what bugs me is how theyre even sexualizing it in the first place??? how the fuck are they calling her “sly fox”  and saying “i never took her for this sort of person” and shit when its nothing more then a piece of clothing covering up a part of her body shes not going to change her shirt or her bra just to make you more comfortable for something that you shouldnt even be uncomfortable with in the first place?

Secret’s Hyosung under fire for exposed bra while completing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge



Secret’s Hyosung has recently come under fire after she shared her own ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Instagram.

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how to pick up girls
Artist: a guide by kim taehyung
Plays: 3,164
taehyung: hello, what’s poppin?
nate: what’s poppin
taehyung: my name is v, your name is?
nate: natalie
taehyung: oh, nice watch! how much?
nate: how much is my wa- uhh i don’t know it was a gift
taehyung: wow, give me your time please
nate: like what time is it?
taehyung: no, your time
nate: oh you want my watch
taehyung: no, your time
nate: my number?
taehyung: yeah! ah no no no no

there are two types of people

Some Water + Fire Bending posters

sneaky taekook and their ice cream


how many times have i seen the prettiest girls w the ugliest guys and I’m staring at him wondering if it’s the way the light is hitting his face or smth and she’s looking at me like stay away from my man…listen im just trying to solve a puzzle you beautiful idiot

VIXX (N, Hongbin, and Leo) Ice Bucket Challenge after HEX SIGN OsakaRyeowook nominated N, Kwak Siyang (Actor from Glorious day) nominated to Hongbin and Wassup Dain nominated to Leo. 



suho donated twice because he was tagged twice and if you don’t think he’s the sweetest human being ever then you’re wrong fight me

spirited away is about rescuing your idiot parents from pig hell, a trial we must all face while growing up




send shindong to the military for 10 yrs in exchange for sungmin donghae ryeowook and kyuhyun 

wow. this post is srsly disgusting and if you think it’s funny then you’re wrong. shame on u, suckers.


waking up hobi: nate style




suga is a fraud he sings about sending girls to hongkong but he can’t even look at a girl irl

namjoon is a fraud he sings about beating that pussy up like you’ve never ever felt before but he’s the human manifestation of awkward around girls

seokjin’s a fraud he calls himself ‘awkward since birth but who was the only one who could talk sensibly to that girl in the elevator prank?

jungkooks a fraud his line in war of hormones is “girls are like equations, us guys just do them. i’m 18 I know all there is to know. come here baby we’re gonna hit it off” and but hes out here sweating buckets bc he was so nervous around a girl

the lyrics to hormone war are like what i wouldve written when i was 12 bangtan need to get laid asap someone pls volunteer

When the golden maknae has to shoot a scene with a girl.